Move Space

/muːv/ /speɪs/

Supporting movement artists and creating a communitY

MoveSpace was founded in 2017 by Laura Dredger and Ingrid Mackinnon, with a mutual desire to connect to other Movement Directors working in the UK and International theatre industry.  MoveSpace was developed by two colleagues who met once a month for coffee to discuss both personal and professional issues.  After each meeting we felt empowered from the support and guidance given by the other. Realising the importance of building a network of like minded peers, we are to committed to connecting Movement Directors to create a space to discuss issues, network and share practice.

working alliance

MoveSpace is a non-profit organisation and strives to encourage support and skill swapping to its members.  In order for MoveSpace to develop and nurture these artists it is important that the organisation has a code that it follows and that members understand and adhere to.

To offer transparency in a complex and diverse industry

Informal network group

To offer peer support and guidance

Space for ideas and development

A confidential space, ensuring information shared is not disseminated to third parties

At present, we are not an agency and finding employment is not part of our current platform